How to list my business on Google

Whatever stage of business you are, whichever products or services you provide, you always look for best possible ways to promote. In an endeavor to reach out to hundreds of prospective buyers, it is all the more essential that you adopt the most potential and influential methodologies. One such smart and present-day approach is – to list your business on Google.

While there are statistics to prove that the idea carries enough prevalence, you must gain some expert insight before executing it. This article addresses your query on “how to list my business on Google.”

Let’s talk about Google My Business first.

  • Google has a dedicated service with the name Google My Business or GMB.
  • This is not a directory or anything of that sort.
  • This service allows you to add your business on the Google’s listing so that your business’s local search is powered up.
  • Businesses added on GMB become 42% more search able than those not!
  • The information about your business on GMB spreads over innumerable relevant places over the internet. Consequently, you draw remarkable promotional advantage.

How is it done?

It’s simple!

  • First, go to “” where you will see a fresh page with the name Google My Business.
  • Login with your existing credentials or if you want to a different Gmail account for your business, do that first.
  • Once you have logged in here, enter the name of your company or business. Don’t forget to put in the correct address of your business.
  • As you add your business, it should appear in the business listing of Google.
  • Google wants you to verify that it is your business.
  • There you are; your business has been listed on Google and it is now more accessible than before.

Why it is important to list a business on Google?

Well, it is pretty simple to list your business, on Google. Now let’s also see why this is important!

  • Besides being a completely free service, your business can get 3X more viewership with better local search.
  • Your products or services receive enhanced search visibility, up to 25%, as the valuable information and unique attributes of your products or services get listed there.
  • You get a novel channel of connecting with your customers. This helps you in better understanding your end-users and their needs.
  • You are in a better situation not only in checking the traffic on your website but also the visitor movement and the types of visitors.

Google My Business is an easy to access to the potential world of prospective customers. You should take its benefit.