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Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting with full root access for websites that require the ultimate in security, control and performance at all times

We have the finest Dedicated Server Hosting Services for you

Get maximum control

Get unfettered access and control over everything with the SSD dedicated server hosting we offer

Access control

With us, get access to specific aspects of your account server by creating passwords

Database management

You can now easily organize, edit and manage the databases directly on the server

Advanced capabilities

Designed from the ground, the servers support everything you could need such as SSH access and more

Get server hosting that is totally dedicated and fully loaded

Along with the unrivalled control and features of dedicated server hosting, you’ll get to enjoy a wide range of impressive benefits always with GrowthWell.

Boost your website to its ultimate performance

With dedicated hosting, you can be assured of it is all yours. No competition, no limits and no sharing – just your website.

Powerful configurations
The severs can smoothly handle any type of workload you have
Exceptional speed
Every server allows the flexibility to upgrade the server performance
Root access
The enhanced control panel ensures full access and complete control
Fast provisioning
Connect to network within minutes and get started as soon as possible
Exceptional benefits from Growthwell
With us, you can always look forward to the best Dedicated Server Hosting services and leverage their finest benefits.

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Want the best Dedicated Server Hosting?
Regardless of your business type of user base, we are here to deliver the finest Hosting solutions to you always. Let’s catch up and discuss what you expect and figure the best way in.