Attract customers instantly

Did you know that 90% of all Google searches are for products and services? Now imagine your website being at the top of the search results and how many more visitors your site could attract with a well written ad. This is what AdWords can do for you, by bidding on keywords related to your products or industry you can have your website listed at the top of Google in no time.


Faster than SEO

Providing your 'Ad Rank' - a combination of ad copy, landing page quality and ad bid - is good enough, your ads will go straight to the first page of search results. This is unlike traditional SEO, which includes all those titles, headings, meta descriptions and alt tags and can take months to implement before even beginning to make a difference to your organic positioning, let alone getting you to the top of page one.


Find out what converts

By linking your Adwords and Analytics accounts you can combine the reports to find out more than ever before about what marketing works for your store and what doesn't. This can help you eliminate certain ads or keywords that aren't converting which will save you money.
This information can then also be used alongside your organic SEO efforts as you'll now know what keywords and terms convert best./div>

You control your advertising costs

With AdWords you only pay for each click on your ad, not when it is shown as a search result. This means you only have to pay when there is a possibility of making a conversion on your site. There aren't many better or guaranteed ways out there to spend your marketing budget.You can also set a daily budget for your campaigns so there is no way you'll ever find that you have accidentally overspent.


Adwords traffic sometimes converts better than organic traffic

Recent research has revealed that clicks through AdWords ads are likely to convert up to twice as well as those coming from organic results. This is most likely down to the fact that ad copy is directed at selling rather than informing and users also being aware that the ads are there to sell to them rather than being product reviews or news stories.


Adwords is taking over the SERPs

"No one clicks on ads!" - you might have heard this said, or even said it yourself. But when searches are made containing commercial keywords, 64.6% of resulting clicks are on ads, which is nearly two thirds. Do you want to be missing out on those potential customers?


Location targeting

Do you sell a localised product or service? With AdWords you can make sure your ads are only seen by searchers in your location. For example, if you run a mobile computer repair business you probably don't want to be driving to the other end of the country for a client. Instead you can tell Google to only show your ads to people searching within a selected radius of your business, or even just your town.


Small Initial Investment

This is the major reason why Google AdWords is so popular. Google AdWords comes with a small initial investment. You need to pay only a small amount to create an AdWords account; thereafter you can bid on the best keywords. After creating the Google AdWords account and releasing the content, the payment is billed after every click. Therefore, with each click, a certain amount is billed and if no click happens, no amount is billed. In such a case, Google AdWords comes with assured clicks, and payment is billed only against clicks. Thus, there is no loss if keywords generated are perfect, and effective related measures (discussed later in the article) are taken.


Suggested high volume keywords

Google AdWords does not just display ads, but also suggests high-volume keywords for an ad campaign that will convert to purchases and a profitable business. High-volume keywords are those that are searched the most, so including them prominently in the ads, title lines, and in the description improve the click rates for the ads. High- volume keywords can be included keeping in mind the competition. Also, as phrase matches for keywords work better, such search terms can be included for the ads and the campaign to be more relevant. This is another major reason why you can use Google AdWords.


Improves hands-on experience

By using the Google AdWords campaign, Web sites get instant traffic or gratification and therefore soon become effective direct marketers. Users perceive these sites as popular, and therefore are likely to click on the site for another purchase decision without giving it a second thought. Also, marketing through the PPC ad platform levels the playing fields for people and their competition. It gradually increases the value of the site and takes the business to a level of brand. Thus, the feature of improved hands-on experience makes Google AdWords more relevant for users aiming to generate profit from their Web sites.


These are the top 10 reasons why you can still use Google Adwords to bring effective traffic and business to your site. All these features accompanying Google Adwords make this campaign more effective and useful and thus increase its use among those who maintain Web sites to bring instant and targeted traffic to their Web sites. These features also specify that Google Adwords, if managed efficiently, can be used as a perfect tool for increasing Web site traffic and running a profitable e-business.


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